We hope that at this difficult time all is well with you, your families and loved ones.

Despite the severity of the Coronavirus outbreak, the Pensions Team are conscious that we still have a job to do for our scheme members and pensioners. Our aim is to continue to provide a comprehensive service, however, depending on further developments, our focus may shift so that priority is given to critical tasks such as the payment of monthly pensions, retirement and death benefits.

We will be following the guidance that comes to us from our HR advisers who are meeting daily with the Council’s senior management team to assess what is clearly a changing situation as well as any national advice coming from the NHS or central government.

In the circumstances, we have already taken a number of proportionate steps to reduce the risk of staff absence. 

• On a rotational basis some of our staff are working from home
• We are curtailing any external meetings and instead communicating by conference call
• Persons with Coronavirus symptoms or underlying health conditions must not seek face to face appointments with the pensions team   
• Whilst not barring other persons from visiting the Pensions office, we strongly advise the use of telephone (01324-506329) and e-mail communications (pensions@falkirk.gov.uk) to raise any queries