Who runs the pension fund

The Falkirk Council Pension Fund is run by the Falkirk Council.

This means that Falkirk Council is the "administering authority" in terms of the LGPS Regulations.

Falkirk Council has established:

  • a Pensions Committee to which it has delegated the administration, management and investment of the Pension Fund; and
  • a Pensions Board to enhance participation in the development and scrutiny of matters relating to the Pension Fund.

Administering authorities have to act in the interests of all employers, members and their dependants within the fund. The role of the administering authority is very similar to that of a trustee.

The pensions team at Falkirk Council look after the day-to-day running of the fund.

The pensions team is not registered with the appropriate regulatory body and therefore cannot provide financial advice to members.

Responsible Officer of the Falkirk Council Pension Fund

Bryan Smail, the Council's Chief Finance Officer.

Pension and Investment Administration

Debbie Macrae, the Pensions Manager, and her team provide benefit administration services to members and participating employers and manage the pension fund investments and accounts, as well as providing support to the Pensions Committee & Board in their stewardship of the fund.

The Fund publicly discloses its voting records in respect of all company meetings where it has exercised its voting entitlement. The Fund has engaged PIRC Ltd to ensure that voting behaviour is congruent with the Fund's investment beliefs and supportive of long-term responsible ownership. You can review the Fund's voting records by clicking this link.

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