The pension committee

The administration, management and investment of the Falkirk Pension Fund has been delegated by Falkirk Council to its Pensions Committee. In turn, the Committee has delegated certain functions to the Council's Chief Finance Officer, including the implementation of Investment Strategy.

Advice on investment matters is provided by a Joint Investment Strategy Panel which consists of several independent advisers and Financial Conduct Authority accredited officers. 

The Pensions Committee comprises 6 Councillors from Falkirk Council and 3 co-opted members. All members have voting rights. The co-opted members represent the interests of scheme members, employers and pensioners.

The work of the Pensions Committee is overseen by the local Pension Board. Details of Board membership is shown on the Local Pension Board page of the About Us section.

Members of the Pensions Committee and Pension Board are required to undertake their roles in accordance with the Councillors Code of Conduct and the principles of Standing Orders relating to meetings. In addition, they are required to undertake training in accordance with the agreed Training Policy.

The membership of the Committee is set out below:

The Pensions Committee
Title Forename Surname Representation Email Address
Vacant Vacant Vacant Pensioner Vacant
Mr Andy Douglas Union
Councillor Donald Balsillie Employer
Councillor Jim Blackwood Falkirk Council
Councillor William Buchanan Falkirk Council
Councillor Niall Coleman Falkirk Council
Councillor Adannna Mccue (Convener) Falkirk Council
Councillor John  Patrick Falkirk Council
Councillor Patrick Reid Falkirk Council

Full details of the Fund's governance arrangements are set out in its Governance Policy document which includes the statutory Governance Compliance Statement. 

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